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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: M2, Brute?

It wouldn’t be the release of a brand new Apple product without the release of a brand new -gate to go along with it. Unlike power adapters and headphones, the company continues to bundle in controversy with every single purchase. (At least this time, it’s environmentally-friendly renewable controversy, since we already went through SSD-gate with the M2 MacBook Air last summer.)

Why does the company keep committing these unforced errors? For a trillion dollar corporation, it seems like there should be somebody whose job it is to make sure all the iMacs are dotted and all the AirTags are crossed. Which leaves only one possible conclusion.

They’re doing it on purpose.

Yes, there may not be someone in charge of stopping these gaffes, but after exhaustive investigative work, my sources have exclusively confirmed that there is somebody in charge of making them.

And their name is Erin. Or maybe Aaron. It was hard to hear over the iPhone I was holding wrong.…

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