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By Shelly Brisbin

Apple Music should be more social

I’m as prone as anyone to grumble about the state of this social network platform or that one. Hating Facebook has always been cool. Hating Instagram is more recently cool. Hating Twitter? Well, what time is it? I’ll let you know how I feel after I read the news. All of that to say, I use social platforms for work and entertainment, but it’s a grudging thing because the platform owners don’t prioritize the same things I do. I am the product, not the customer.

But see, I like socializing online. I like talking to friends I’ve made or kept via the Internet. I like browsing their lives that way and giving back little pieces of my own. I like picking up links to new, funny things.

But this isn’t a story about how I wish evil companies would stop doing things to make more money that also happen to wreck my happy social playground.…

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