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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: A guide to new Apple software features for your non-tech savvy friends and relatives

Look, not everybody pays as close attention to Apple announcements as we here at Six Colors—your preeminent source for Apple news1—do. That’s understandable: most of the things that Apple showed off at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference Keynote this month won’t materialize until this fall at the very earliest. And even then, more eyes will be on the actual new phones that the company is releasing.

But you know what’s coming: sooner or later, all those software updates are going to make their way onto the devices of your friends and family and you—yes, you—are going to be the one called upon to explain them.

So, in advance of the inevitable tsunami of calls, emails, texts, and FaceTimes, allow for me to provide you with the following invaluable resource: I’ve combed through Apple’s announcements to discover the features that your less tech savvy friends and relatives are definitely going to be asking you about and how you can explain them to the layperson.…

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