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Record Anything, With Audio Hijack

By Dan Moren

Audient EVO 4: Double the… fun?

Writing about podcasting! Is that all that I do?

Well, technically sometimes I also podcast. Which feeds the writing about podcasting. Really, it’s a vicious cycle.

For more than a decade, I’ve been happily using a Blue Yeti for all of my podcasting needs. While it has its detractors, it’s been a good fit for me: a USB mic that sounds good with my voice, and is simple to connect to my Mac. It’s not the most portable mic (for that I have an Audio Technica ATR2100), but as the anchor of my at-home studio, that wasn’t a real concern.

However, I recently ran into a scenario for which the Yeti has not been ideal. To wit, A Complicated Profession, my Star Wars recap podcast over at The Incomparable. For our coverage of The Book of Boba Fett, I’ve been joined not only by my frequent podcasting collaborator Tony Sindelar, but also my wife Kat.…

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