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It’s Time for Another ‘iMac to Go’

At Macworld New York in 1999, Apple filled out its “Grid of Four” with a consumer notebook called the iBook.

I’ve written about the iBook at length elsewhere, but the gist of the machine was pretty straightforward — Apple viewed it as an iMac to go.

Looking at the iBook, it’s not hard to see the family resemblance to the colorful, curvy iMac G3:

With the iBook, Apple was able to bring the fun and whimsy of the iMac to a portable computer that was unlike anything else on the market at the time. Its bright colors just screamed iMac!

During the introduction of the iBook, Steve Jobs said that taking the iMac spirit and putting it into a portable was about more than just the design; it was about making the best consumer notebook possible. That meant building the notebook around a 12-inch 800 x 600 display and powering the machine with a 300 MHz G3 processor coupled with the fastest possible graphics.…

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