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By Stephen Hackett

Apple’s car project has a long track record

Tim Cook reportedly wants to usher in one more new product category before retiring. Here, he can be seen practicing hailing a driverless cab. (Or just greeting a keynote audience. Your call.)

For years, it has been rumored that Apple has been working on a car or car-related project. Dubbed Project Titan, this project seems to have seen all sorts of stops and starts1 over the years if reports are to be believed. Way back in 2014, the project was supposedly approved by Tim Cook, with Apple veteran Steve Zadesky at the steering things.2 Zadesky left the company in 2016, but in those two short years, it seems that the project really gained traction.3 Employees were poached from several car companies, including Tesla and Mercedes-Benz.

As the team grew, news broke that Steve Jobs had been interested in looking at a car project way back in 2008, the year after the initial iPhone launched.…

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