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Magic Lasso Adblock: incredibly private and secure Safari web browsing

By Dan Moren

Unexpected benefits (and shortcomings) of Apple’s new Live Text feature

There are plenty of whiz-bang features in Apple’s upcoming OS updates, but to my mind, Live Text is the one poised to fundamentally change our interactions with technology. Once upon a time pictures were pictures and text was text, but now that boundary has been blown away; it’s time to rethink a lot of our assumptions.

Jason’s already documented how “useful” Live Text can be when interpreting handwritten recipes, but just in the handful of weeks that I’ve been using beta software on my iPhone, iPad, and M1 MacBook Air, I’ve already found a few unexpected applications of the technology (and at least one missed opportunity).

Low-tech definition

Reading ebooks has spoiled me. No, not because of the ability to cram a 1000-page epic tome onto a device the size of a pamphlet. Not even because of the ability to download books onto without leaving the comfort of my couch.…

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