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Magic Lasso Adblock: 2.0x faster web browsing in Safari

By Dan Moren

The Back Page: Introducing Safari 15’s Brand New Interface, Which We Got Right on the First Try

Here at Apple, we know how important browsing the web is to our customers. It’s how many of us pay our bills, manage our health care, and attempt to figure out exactly what an ‘updog’ is.

So when it came time to redesign the interface to our industry-leading web browser Safari, it was an endeavor we undertook with the utmost seriousness that befits the critical nature of the app’s place on our platforms. This couldn’t be something that was just slapped together or changed for the sake of change: altering something as fundamental as the conceits of a web browser is an action that must be thought through carefully, with every facet justified and considered. At Apple, we pride ourselves on saying a thousand no’s for every yes, as anybody who’s ever dealt with our PR department can attest.

But after days of painstaking work developing this brand new interface, we’re pleased to finally share with you… the new Safari.…

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