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By Stephen Hackett

The Hackett File: A Look at GoodLinks

GoodLinks runs on the Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Since the dawn of time the App Store, I’ve used Instapaper to save links for later, but last year I checked out GoodLinks, thanks to John Voorhees’s review at MacStories.

GoodLinks is developed by Ngoc Luu, who also develops Jason’s favorite iPad text editor, 1Writer. And like that app, GoodLinks has a simplicity about it that betrays the complexity it offers.

The Mac app is admittedly much simpler than its mobile sibling, but it looks good and offers a sharing extension, so getting links into it from something like Safari is just a couple of clicks away.

Both versions support tagging for organization, as well as the ability to star an item to find it later more quickly. Additionally, the title and summary of saved items can be manually edited, which is a nice touch if a webpage has some wonky metadata that GoodLinks can’t parse.…

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