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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: Everything Apple Didn’t Announce This Fall

With an unprecedented three events this fall, Apple has revamped the vast majority of its key products. We’ve seen new iPhones, a new iPad Air, new Apple silicon Macs, and even a new HomePod model and an Apple services bundle.

But even that embarrassment of riches might not be enough to satisfy the most die-hard of Apple fans. After all, what about all the products that Apple didn’t announce this year? You know what I’m talking about—they’re the ones you wanted the most. And yet Apple, in its capricious whims, decided not to release new models.

Probably just to aggrieve you personally.

So, with the end of the year on the way, it seems as safe a time as ever to run down the full, comprehensive list of everything Apple didn’t announce this fall. And I do mean everything. Stand back: the first few rows might get wet.…

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