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By Stephen Hackett

The Hackett File: The End of the Intel Era

In the very near future, the Mac will join the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and all of Apple’s other devices in being powered by the company’s own systems-on-a-chip, and over the next several years, Intel Macs will slowly fade into history.

One of these things is not like the other … for now.

There’s been plenty of ink spilled over comparing the upcoming Apple silicon transition to the previous transition to Intel—including by me. However, there’s one last angle on this that I would like to explore: the state of the final old-school Macs at the time the transition started.

Let’s start at the end of the PowerPC era. By the time the Intel switch was announced at WWDC in June 2005, Apple’s notebooks were in pretty sorry shape. The desktop Power Mac G5 has been out for two years at this point, and the iMac G5 was about a year old.…

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