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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: Search and ye shall find…maybe

Big Internet news this week, as a report claimed that we might finally—finally—see some competition in the search market, after years of being subject to the tyranny of a single dominant player. Take that, Alta Vista!

listens to earpiece Uh, I mean, Google. Yes. Google.

Look, we, all of us—except for Bono1—use search each and every day to get around the Internet. It’s a critical piece of not just web infrastructure, but our lives. And while Google has been the de facto homepage of the web for the last twenty years, it’s about time for a NEW CHALLENGER TO ENTER.

And apparently that challenger is…Apple?

It’s not exactly a no-brainer. Apple hasn’t really distinguished itself on the web over the past, uh, well, sort of forever. I mean, they still haven’t figured out how to not have to take down their entire online store during Apple events.…

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