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By Jason Snell

Command Performance: Screen shots everywhere

I used to think that screen shots1, images captured from a computer screen, were only for tech journalist types like me. But is there any clearer example of the public hijacking a computer feature originally intended for a very nerdy purpose than the preponderance of screen shots from Notes used to make announcements on social media?

The fact is, there are plenty of reasons for people to take screen shots. Not everything needs to be composited carefully in a graphics program. On social media or in an email, a quick screen shot of a portion of a spreadsheet can provide perfect clarity. Bad Tweets are frequently screenshotted before they can be deleted by the person who sent them. The list goes on.

In the past few years, on both macOS and iOS, Apple has seriously improved its built-in screen shot features, and I use them all the time. You do too, and if you don’t, maybe you’ll consider it when you’re making your next big announcement and/or apology to Twitter.…

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