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By Jason Snell

Service Station: An Apple announcement that saves me money

Good news! Apple just announced a service that might actually save you money. Or you could just ignore it, and that’s fine too. It’s AppleOne, the new bundle of a bunch of existing Apple services that can, depending on how you look at it, either save you money or get you an Apple subscription service you’re lukewarm on for cheap or free.

Let’s consider the shape of this bundle.

Apple Music: This is the core of the bundle, if you ask me. If you’re someone who prefers Spotify to Apple Music, I don’t think any of Apple’s bundles will satisfy you. If you don’t care, or prefer Apple Music, Apple’s bundle might make it worth your while to switch.

iCloud: You should be backing up your iOS devices. iCloud storage space lets you do that, and that’s why it’s worth paying for. Apple doesn’t provide users with enough free iCloud space, so bundling in iCloud storage is a good idea—you should probably be paying for some regardless.…

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