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By Dan Moren

Service Station: Headspace

It’s kind of tough out there right now, so if you’ve been finding it challenging to get through the days and weeks with some semblance of normalcy, you’re not alone. For my part, I’ve been trying to find a way to disconnect from the endless stresses and anxieties of the modern world, just to make sure I’ve got enough energy to take care of myself. One tool I’ve started using that’s actually been pretty helpful in this regard is the meditation app and service Headspace.

Meditation isn’t something that I ever thought I would be into, but I’ve found that doing even a tiny bit has been useful in dealing with what’s going on. In the past, I’ve often turned to the Apple Watch’s built in Breathe app for moments where I needed to step back from something particularly stressful—as someone with little to no experience in meditation, it was handy to have a framework to adhere to, and I appreciated that the results often seemed tangible.…

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