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By Jason Snell

Command Performance: Easy shortcuts

One of the secrets to being an efficient computer power user is mastering the use of keyboard shortcuts. When you can tap a couple of keys and kick off something that otherwise would’ve required you to take your hands off the keyboard, move to your pointing device, push the pointer around on the screen, and click to get to a command, your efficiency blooms.

There are a lot of utilities out there that will let you attach almost any command you can imagine to a keyboard shortcut, and I use some of them. But for the purposes of this column, I wanted to praise the one that Apple provides with macOS itself: the Shortcuts tab of the Keyboard pane in the System Preferences app. It’s always my first stop when I’m trying to see if I can add a keyboard shortcut to my workflow.

The Shortcuts pane is subdivided, with nine categories on the left and the contents of the selected categories on the right.…

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