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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: We Are Absolutely Not Merging macOS and iPadOS Except It Depends on What You Mean by “Merging”

Thanks so much for coming to WWDC, everybody. Even though this year’s conference is being held virtually, we still found it a delight to have our huge and wonderful developer community all here. Now turn off your Wi-Fi. You’re slowing everything down.

We know this year’s keynote was full of big announcements, and that some of those announcements may have caused consternation amongst our most devoted users. So, once again, we want to make something abundantly clear to all of you out fretting there: We are not merging macOS and iPadOS.


And when I say “totally,” I mean we are not totally merging them. Or we are totally not merging them. It’s really a matter of how you parse that sentence, whether you use a first-in first-out or last-in first-out queue construction. But let’s not get technical here, this is a developer conference.

Are we bringing elements of macOS to iPadOS?…

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