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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren

Service Station: Roll for initiative… and so much more!

We all need to find ways to distract ourselves these days, and there’s really no better way than killing a bunch of monsters and finding precious loot, all with the help of your friends.

Virtually, I mean.

Dungeons & Dragons was, fortunately, one of my favorite pastimes even before our current stay-at-home era, and it’s one that translates pretty well to online play—in fact, the majority of my games these days were already via the Internet, thanks to farflung players and the demands of podcasting. But a big part of what’s made this such an attractive way to play, not to mention making it easy to transition even live games online, is Roll 20.

Roll 20 is a web-based virtual tabletop (VTT) service, and while it’s neither the only nor the first of its kind, its overwhelming popularity comes from a combination of its active development, vibrant community, and ease of use.…

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