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By Jason Snell

Command performance: Shortcuts and Safari

As you might have gathered from my Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro review, I spend a lot of time writing on my iPad these days. The iMac Pro is my computer when I’m at my desk; the iPad Pro is my computer everywhere else.

I don’t want to use this space to debate the strengths and weaknesses of the iPad and the Mac. For a long time, I’ve been “Team Both”—someone who uses both devices to get work done and sees the strengths and weaknesses in both. But something that happened to me this week did remind me that those who suggest that it’s the Mac that has all the power and the iPad that’s wanting are definitely a few steps behind.

Since I do so much writing on my iPad, I’ve tried to build up some tools to make the process a bit easier. One of them, which I detailed back in 2018, lets me post directly to my ancient Movable Type blog system from within my iOS text editor.…

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