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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: Finally

Cursor support on the iPad? Finally.

Hell froze over this past week as Apple brought mousing and trackpads to the touchscreen world of the iPad. But, that means that the floodgates are open, right? All those things we thought Apple would never do are clearly poised to become reality next. So let’s run down some of the things that we can doubtlessly expect to see from Cupertino in the not too distant future.

Touchscreen Macs: Now that we can use our Magic Trackpads on our iPads to our hearts’ content, it seems only fair that Apple bring commensurate touch functionality to MacBooks, iMacs, and of course, the new Mac Pro. I want to smear my monitor in fingerprints as I scroll through webpages, enlarge photos like I’m using one of those Microsoft Surface tables, and finally get some use out of that lickable interface. After all, they don’t say what you need to touch it with.…

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