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By Dan Moren

Command Performance: You complete me

Typing is the worst. We all agree, right? Unfortunately, typing is one of those computer staples: it’s just difficult to get away from. That’s why I’m a fan of anything that makes me type less. And while there are plenty of third-party resources that can simplify your typing needs, allow me to suggest one that’s been right in front of you this whole time, perhaps without you even knowing.

The Tab key.

Yep, that weirdo that sits between Caps Lock and the tilde key, waiting for you to switch fields or indent text, has another superpower up its sleeve. It’ll be familiar to anyone who’s spent a good amount of time in the command line, but it’s got its uses in the graphical portion of the macOS as well: the Tab key completes you.

Specifically, the Tab key provides a sort of look-ahead completion option, especially in tasks like navigating a directory hierarchy.…

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