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By Jason Snell

A Quick Trip to the Windy City

We held off on this issue of the Six Colors Magazine once Apple announced it was holding an event in Chicago on March 27. Who knows—that event might’ve changed everything. It didn’t, but it changed enough that it was worth waiting.

I’m still processing the event and figuring out how I want to write about it, and I’ve also got a $329 sixth-generation iPad here that I need to review. I will say this: As much as it was a pain for me to fly halfway across the country and spend about 36 hours away from home in order to cover an Apple event, I kind of like the fact that Apple chose to do something different. Holding an event at a working school (albeit during Spring Break) allowed the company to avoid the high expectations that might come with a summons to the Steve Jobs Theater. (One of these days they’ll do a minor event at SJT, and we’ll see how people handle it.…

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