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By Jason Snell

Off the phone, on the walls

I bought my first digital camera a month before my daughter was born. That was 2001, and my daughter is now a freshman at the University of Oregon. Her entire life has been captured by digital cameras. As I write this, my iPhoto library has nearly 90,000 photos in it. We all carry spectacularly good cameras in our pockets at all times.

And yet it struck me recently: We don’t look at pictures as much as we used to. I sometimes will print a photo book, and they’re a nice replacement for photo albums, but if I’m being honest, I don’t look at our photo books very much. What I do is look at photos in frames around my house. And so in the last few months I’ve endeavored to be more aware of when I’m appreciating photos around my house—and create the ability to do it more often.

For years we’ve had three large picture frames hanging on the wall in our living room, each of which features a 16×20 print (metric: 40cmx50cm) of our kids.…

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