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By Jason Snell

Service Station: Dropbox Plus

Services! They’re the newest rage. Everyone decided to grow their businesses by not selling things anymore and just giving them away for free. You can guess what happened next: they all ran out of money. So paying is back, but now it’s paid on a recurring basis to your credit card! You’re all subscribing to something right now—it’s Six Colors—and we appreciate your support. This column is intended to shine a spotlight on some sort of service that we take advantage of that we think is worth mentioning.

I’ve been using Dropbox for a long time, and paying for it for a few years now. I’m paying $119.88 per year for Dropbox Plus. And although I’m also paying for iCloud storage (largely for iCloud Photos), I’m not using iCloud to store anything of particular importance, whereas most of my life is in Dropbox.

I share Dropbox folders with collaborators; Apple has promised this feature for iCloud, but it has been delayed or deferred off into the future.…

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