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By Jason Snell

This year’s last year’s Apps of the Year

As this is the end of the year, it’s time for the customary (some would say obligatory) making of best-of lists. For the last few years I have been facing this moment with increasing trepidation. The fact is, my enthusiasm for new iOS apps just keeps waning.

I feel even worse about it when I read the MacStories annual awards honoring the best apps of the year. There are so many new apps, and the MacStories staff dives in on a regular basis.

I admire their enthusiasm—and the fact that they’re so committed to the subject reminds me that it’s just not an area I need to focus on. They’ve got it covered. And more to the point, iOS has matured.

As recently as three years ago, I was cycling through multiple apps to attempt to find the best ones to fit my workflows. The good news is, I’ve found a good set of tools and dug in.…

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