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By Dan Moren

Applications Folder: Reeder

Reeder for Mac
Reeder for Mac

Hard as it may be to believe, in this era overrun with social networks, algorithmic news, and custom-tailored newsletters, I still find myself launching an RSS reader pretty much every single day.

More than a decade ago, when I was working at Macworld covering news, most of what I read came via RSS feeds. and I was a die-hard user of the venerable NetNewsWire. But as that app grew long in the tooth, reading shifted to mobile, and Google killed off its Reader back-end, I eventually found myself making the jump to Silvio Rizzi’s Reeder. For one thing, it worked seamlessly with Feedly, the cloud service where I’d migrated my Google Reader feeds, and for another it had Mac and iOS clients that looked and worked very similarly, providing a unified reading experience across all my devices.

Years later, I’m still using Reeder, even if it at times seems not to have adanced much.…

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