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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

We Like: Batteries

I mentioned elsewhere that I lost power for three days. A thing I like? Batteries. I like batteries a lot.

Before the outage, we made sure that all our devices were charged and our external batteries were, too. I have two 10,000 mAh batteries from our Away suitcases, plus a couple other ones I’ve picked up over the years, and they managed to keep our iPhones and iPads operating over those three days. Batteries of this size can charge a phone several times over.

A few months back I picked up a solar charger, which seems to be primarily for camping, but I can say that it managed to charge one of my Away batteries over the course of the day, so long as I was diligent about moving it to wherever the sun was shining.

After the first night of our outage I realized that I had two other large batteries in the house, and they would do more than charge via a USB port.…

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