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By Stephen Hackett

The Hackett File: Apple, the Media Company

When Apple dropped “computer” from it name the morning of the first iPhone keynote, it was jarring for some, and upsetting for others. Mat Honan wrote this for PCWorld and Macworld at the time:

Formerly Apple Computer, the name change reflects the company’s newfound emphasis on consumer electronics. Jobs revealed the change following announcements on the new Apple TV and iPhone, with no new Mac configurations announced whatsoever.

You can sense the saltiness about the lack of Mac announcements. I don’t know if Honan meant for that to be there, but I think a lot of people felt it.

The truth is, “Apple, Inc.” was a better name for the company as it transitions from the Mac and iPod to a wider range of products, which would expand in later years to not only add the iPhone and Apple TV, but the iPad, Apple Watch and audio products like AirPods and the HomePod as well.…

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