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By Jason Snell

Let the upgrades begin (or not)

September and October are the holiday season of the Apple world. New phones, new operating systems, and sometimes surprise new hardware, all just in time for the actual holiday buying season, Apple’s biggest sales period of the year.

In this issue you’ll see my review of the new iPhones, which I posted on the site Sunday night. It was quite a ride this year, as I had to write this review while also starting our series of pieces about iOS 13 features, pondering the final touches to macOS Catalina, and packing up my daughter and delivering her to her first year of college.

The new iPhones are good. For a “boring, iterative year”, they’re iterated in just the right ways. I hope my daughter gets the most out of her purple iPhone 11 as she wanders around her college campus.

About those operating systems, though…

Apple has invested an awful lot in getting everyone who uses its devices to enable a feature that allows Apple to automatically push out software updates.…

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