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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

We Like: Apple Card

Yeah, I got the Apple credit card. Not because I was excited to get it, but because I write about Apple and I felt like I really needed to understand it.

There are a lot of hot takes out there about the Apple Card, because it’s an Apple product and there’s nothing guaranteed to get clicks and increase user engagement than writing about new Apple products.

But here’s the thing: the Apple Card is good for a lot of boring reasons. (The ridiculous titanium physical credit card is not one of them.)

If you’re someone who tactically uses different credit cards in different places in order to maximize card benefits, or pays for a specific rewards card that perfectly aligns with your purchase patterns, the Apple Card is not going to work for you.

As for me, at one point my wife told me to buy gas for one month with a certain card in order to maximize our cash-back points and I could never remember it.…

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