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By Jason Snell

Midnight in the land of the Cord Cutters

I remember back when people started talking about cord cutting. “I’ll save so much money when I’m not paying for cable!” they’d say. And I would nod and say, “You know they’re going to get their money out of you one way or another.”

People seem to have realized that now. We are in a gold rush of video streaming services, as every tech and entertainment company around tries to get you to pay a monthly fee for access to exclusive TV shows and movies. You can cut the cord, but if you’re paying for Netflix and Disney+ and Apple TV+ and Hulu and… oh, look, that cable bill has turned into a streaming bill. (And if you want live sports and other “traditional” TV programming, you can get a streaming service for that… that’s not really cheaper than cable.)

They’re going to get their money.

Yes, you can play the game by signing up for free trials and cancelling services when they displease you, to save money—but truth be told, people have been doing that with their cable service (“Game of Thrones” is over, time to cancel HBO for 9 months) for ages.…

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