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By Dan Moren

Applications Folder: GIF Brewery 3

Ahhh, where would the Internet be without GIFs? Well, Twitter would hardly bearable for one thing. Some might say that between them and emoji we’ve lost the art of communicating in plain text, but I think it simply adds a whole new dimension to the way human beings interact. Our life would be poorer without the animated GIF, for sure.

While there are plenty of ways to find the perfect GIF for any situation (Google searching, Giphy, Tenor, and other similar services), what happens when you can’t find the exact GIF you’re searching for? Obviously, you need to make it yourself. And for that you need the right tool, which, on the Mac, is unquestionably Gfycat’s GIF Brewery.

GIF Brewery lets you take any video and convert into a GIF. Which, in and of itself, might be enough. But it also adds a whole boatload of other features to let you turn that video into the GIF…of your dreams.…

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