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By Dan Moren

We like: Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World
Dr. Mario World

Puzzles are kind of my jam: crossword puzzles, mind puzzles, brain teasers, that kind of thing—I’ve even been known to dabble in video games from time to time. But though there are plenty of puzzle-based mobile games that I’ve enjoyed, the “match three items” sub-genre popularized by CandyCrush has never really been my thing.

Until Dr. Mario World.

I’m not quite sure what it is about Nintendo’s latest mobile game that has absorbed so much of my attention. It could be as simple as the use of the company’s trademark characters on iOS, which began with Super Mario Run a few years ago, and will continue in the upcoming Mario Kart Tour later this year. Or it might be that the interface and gameplay of the mobile version has just charmed me.

Historically, I haven’t been a huge fan of the Dr. Mario franchise, which I always felt was like an inferior Tetris, minus the awesome 8-bit Tchaikovsky renditions.…

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