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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: All that is

Deep within the bowels of Apple Park, there is a place where few ever set foot. There are those who will swear up and down that its location moves, never to be found behind the same door twice. That is as it must be, for this place has existed long before Apple Park was built, and will persist until long after it is dust.

For some, that constant unpredictably is a blessing, for they never wish to knowingly open a door and be dragged, endlessly screaming, into the void that awaits. They say this place changes people. Brings out something…essential in them.

The White Room.

No windows. No doors-not even the one from which you entered. No objects of any kind, except perhaps a stool. Accounts differ. Featureless, soundless, timeless. The White Room exists apart from a world concerned with the mundanity of weather and days of the week.

In the White Room, you are reduced.…

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