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By Jason Snell

Displays on the edge

I have this feeling that we haven’t explored display technologies enough.

I was thinking this the other day as I tried out the new version of the Kindle Oasis, which (like every Kindle) uses a wacky screen technology called E Ink to create a reflective surface that feels more like ink on paper than the other screens in our lives.

I appreciate that Apple is pushing new advances in display technology like screen refresh rates (the ProMotion display on recent iPads must be seen to be believed, but it’s gloriously smooth when scrolling and I love it). I like how OLED technology is creeping in, and color gamuts are widening, and have some hope that Apple’s time spent developing a product as bananas as the Pro Display XDR will have some follow-on benefits to those of us who don’t need a $6,000 reference display.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ledger, Samsung is experimenting with foldable displays, and it seems like it will finally ship the Galaxy Fold this fall.…

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