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By Jason Snell

We Like: Screen sharing

Screen Sharing

Every now and then it strikes me how useful controlling a Mac (or PC, if you really want to) from a different device can be. It’s a feature that comes with every Mac—you go into the Sharing section of System Preferences and check the Screen Sharing button to turn it on—and I use it all the time.

At home, I use screen sharing to operate my Mac Mini server, which I rarely ever use directly. It just works in a window from my iMac, or I can drive it from my iPad with an app like Screens or a product like Luna Display. (Disclosure: Luna Display has sponsored my podcasts in the past.) Both products have their advantages. Screens allows you to type with a keyboard and connect from outside your home network; Luna Display requires special hardware but provides a crystal-clear, low-latency connection in your home. I use both.…

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