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By Stephen Hackett

Considering Mac hardware at WWDC

Last May, I wrote about my Mac hardware wishes here in this very newsletter, and with the WWDC keynote just days away, I thought I could do the same this year.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. I hope — and fully expect — Apple to unveil the new Mac Pro at this year’s conference. Like the Retina MacBook Pro in 2012 and the iMac Pro in 2017, this machine would receive a warm welcome at WWDC. Developers are probably the largest single segment of this machine’s potential customer base, and impressing them with the ins and outs of a new Mac Pro would be a fun (albeit overdue) way to start the week.

One-year-ago-Stephen wrote this:

[Apple should unveil a] redesigned, more robust keyboard for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The problems of debris and broken keycaps is well covered, so I won’t re-tread them here, but I really think Apple needs to address the issues with these machines.

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