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By Jason Snell

We Like: Keyboards

Brydge keyboard
Brydge keyboard

I write a lot on Six Colors about keyboards. On one level, this makes sense—I am a writer and my keyboard is the tool of my trade. My old pal Andy Ihnatko always referred to his keyboards (and laptops in general) as a rock star would refer to his guitars—they are his instruments.

For most people, though, the keyboard is just a functional object. As long as the keys are in more or less a familiar position, I think most people could care less about key travel or the shape of the arrow keys or the sound made by the keyswitches. And for much of my life, I was the same. I’d notice differences, sure, but I was happy to use whatever keyboard I ended up with. In general, I can type about the same speed on any regular-sized keyboard.

But you get older and you start to realize that while you can make do with just about anything, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to something a little nicer.…

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