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By Jason Snell

Us as a Service

For years now, Apple has been telling every Wall Street analyst that would listen about its increased focus on growing revenue from ongoing services. As iPhone sales growth has slowed, it’s been a source of growth—and that’s very important to investors.

It makes sense. Apple has built a customer base that is deeply connected with its ecosystem, and it’s a customer base that is willing to pay for good tech products. And yet, for a lot of people, it’s a bit disturbing to see Apple pivot to selling subscriptions to video services and news services and game services rather than focusing on what it does best, which is the combination of hardware and software.

As John Siracusa said on the Accidental Tech Podcast this week, if you’ve followed Apple for a long time, it’s not a surprise to see Apple change itself. Apple is, if anything, a company of constant reinvention.…

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