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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: I Fold (Phones)

So you saw the presentation on the Samsung Galaxy Fold and then you watched Huawei unveil the Mate X, and suddenly you all want to know when we here at Apple are going to make folding phones.

Folding. Phones.

Really? That’s what you want? I have to ask: What the hell is wrong with you people? We released a foldable phone five years ago, it was called the iPhone 6, and everybody screamed bloody murder.

Look, I’m sick and tired of people complaining that Apple is “falling behind” on every new “innovation” that other tech companies are trying to make happen. We didn’t miss smartwatches, we didn’t miss intelligent speakers, and we sure as hell didn’t miss smartphones. Okay, we may have missed intelligent speakers a little bit.

But not every single little thing that other companies trot out is worth spending our time and money on. We’re here to make the hard choices for you, because god knows you’re too distracted by shiny newness to do so.…

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