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By Jason Snell

Inside Baseball

A few episodes back on Upgrade, the weekly tech podcast I do with Myke Hurley, I answered a question from a listener about how Apple loans hardware to reviewers. It’s not a subject that gets talked about a lot, because it’s the most insidery of inside baseball1. Writing about inside baseball stuff is generally self-indulgent and beside the point, and my journalism professors warned me against it, but if you’ll indulge me…

Generally when Apple releases a product they will ask members of the press to come back later that day or on a different day to get a briefing about the product. This is a 30-minute long session with at least one Apple product marketing person, as well as a PR person, who will run through all of Apple’s talking points about the product in detail and answer questions. Generally the talking-points stuff is stuff I already know, because it’s geared for a more general media audience who isn’t as laser-focused on tech and Apple as I am.…

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