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By Dan Moren

Applications Folder: Splitwise


Way back in college, my friends and I set out to create a debt board. Pretty much every household has a need for it: you buy groceries or movie tickets, people owe you money. (Otherwise people don’t pay each other back, people get resentful, people stop speaking to each other…)

Version 1.0 of our debt board was basically a big whiteboard with a grid on it, but it proved cumbersome to manage all the balances. The problem seemed ripe for for a little technology magic: you could make it automatically cancel out people who owed each other and be left only with the balance. I actually started in trying to create a web app (hey, it was the early 2000s), but it proved to be more time-consuming than I thought, and the project was eventually abandoned.

Fast forward to the present day, and there are more than a few apps that handle this: the one I use is Splitwise for iOS.…

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