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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: How to Recover from a Quarter of Bad iPhone Sales in 90 days

Tim, this is Dan.

Look, I know that the recent bad news about iPhone sales has maybe got you down. Perhaps your emoji have tended towards the sad lately. You might even not be sending messages with Fireworks or Confetti anymore. I get it. It’s only natural. But I want to let you know that we’re here for you in this tough time.

Moreover, I think we have some suggestions for you on how to turn these iPhone lemons into wine. I’m pretty sure that’s the saying. Take a frown and turn it inside out, I mean. You get what I mean.

Anyway, first things first: let’s look at the bright side. You still sold $52 billion worth of iPhones, which is definitely nothing to sneeze at, unless you are allergic to money ha ha. Ha ha. But I understand that it can be hard when everybody expected you to sell $5_3_ billion iPhones.…

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