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By Stephen Hackett

The Hackett File: Dead products walking?

If you had asked me the future of the Mac mini one year ago, I would have been worried that the smallest Mac in Apple’s lineup may have been on its way out. Thankfully, 2018 proved this fear misplaced, and we have a new Mac mini that is a noticeably better and more flexible computer than it was.

Looking at Apple’s lineup, there are some products that feel like they are on death’s doorstep. Will 2019 breathe new life into these devices? My crystal ball runs Windows 95, so I have no idea.

iPad mini

The smallest iPad costs $399 for 128 GB of storage. It’s the only size available; the only options you have when ordering are the color and whether you want LTE or not.

For your $400, you get a 7.9-inch laminated Retina display, but just behind the glass is Apple’s A8 system on a chip, which first showed up on the iPhone 6 back in 2014.…

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