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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: Favorite Apple announcements of 2018 (multiverse edition)

Oh, what a year it has been! Surely, 2018 shall be one for the books, sprinkled as it was with innovative new Apple products and technological breakthroughs. But in order to truly get our grip on the best things to come out of Cupertino this year, we must break down the barrier between time and space, coalescing multiple dimensions into a realm where we can perceive them all. No, don’t stop me! We MUST. After all dimensional boundaries are made to be broken. I’ve gotten in touch with the Dan Morens on other Earths to bring you, without any further adieu, the five best Apple announcements of 2018 across the vast multiverse:

Apple HoverCar (Earth 2015)

Apple’s been producing automobiles for more than a decade now, and their electric-powered vehicles are well-designed, last a long time on a single battery charge, and come with state of the art self-driving systems.…

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