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By Dan Moren

Applications Folder: Pastebot

The clipboard has been around since the earliest days of the classic Mac OS, but it’s always been more or less limited in one feature: it holds only a single item at a time. There’s a benefit to the simplicity of that approach, but for many power users, it just doesn’t go far enough. That’s just one reason I use Tapbots’s Pastebot for Mac.

If all you want is to be able to have a history of your clipboard items or copy and paste multiple items, there are plenty of utilities that serve the purpose. But Pastebot has a ton more going for it. I particularly love its Sequential Paste feature, where you can summon a temporary queue of items to add to, and then paste them in the order that you put items in. I use this pretty frequently not only for copying and pasting podcast episode info into the Six Colors CMS, but also for address info for the custom bookplates I send out.…

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