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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: iGive Thanks

It’s that time of the year to look back over the previous twelve months and identify the things that mean the most to us—the things that we’re thankful for. So, as we kick off this holiday season, I’d like to spend a moment and tell you, dear readers, the five Apple-related things that I’m most thankful for over the past year.

That Jony Ive is still imprisoned inside his white room. We all know Jony is happiest when he is able to truly immerse himself in work, isolating himself from any malign interference from the outside world, such as “customers.” And who would want to miss the anticipation that builds as the crowds gather outside the door to his sanctum sanctorum, waiting until the latest iPhone or iPad is slipped from beneath, fully assembled, to be hefted aloft and brought before the cowering masses? This is how Apple makes its magic, and it’s my most fervent wish that they never let him out—he is a delicate flower that might not survive contact with non-chamfered surfaces.…

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