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By Dan Moren

The Back Page: Very useful Shortcuts for everyday practical usage (very practical!)

The real triumph of technology is to make a difference in people’s lives, and Apple has always made it clear that this is one of their highest goals. And personally, I think that the Siri Shortcuts features and attendant Shortcuts app that Apple is rolling out in iOS 12 could be the biggest improvement since people started Snapchatting sliced bread. (I’m not really up on the latest lingo.)

But while the sample shortcuts that Apple includes in its gallery are fine, I think users want to see more practical explanations of how these workflows can benefit them. We need to see concrete real-world shortcuts that people are going to use, not just proof of concepts like tea timers and image resizing.

Okay, I get it, if I’m going to demonstrate the usefulness of Shortcuts, I need to put my skills where my mouth is. So here are a handful of workflows that I’ve just whipped up on the spot that could have a huge impact on all of our daily lives.…

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