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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

The season begins

Earlier this summer my family and I spent a couple of weeks in Europe. After spending my first three decades tethered to North America, since 2000 I’ve traveled across the Atlantic Ocean on many different occasions, and it’s given me a chance to reflect on just how much advances in technology have changed (and, on balance, improved) the travel experience.

On Upgrade, the podcast I do with Myke Hurley, we’ve spent the last two months doing a special segment called the Summer of Fun. The truth behind that segment is that summer is a time for scheduling around vacations, for the audience not paying attention, and—most importantly for a show designed around technology topics—for a long, quiet period between Apple’s WWDC and the announcement of new iPhones.

We’re about to enter Labor Day weekend, the cultural end of summer here in the U.S., though technically it’s summer for another few weeks.…

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