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By Dan Moren

A Thing We Like: Solo: A Star Wars Story Soundtrack

If you were to guess that my love of Star Wars and my love of film soundtracks are deeply intertwined, well, what can I say? My brand is strong. The release of a new Star Wars score is always an occasion to celebrate, something that I look forward to as much as that of a new film in the universe—and possibly more. After all, there are only so many hours I can devote to repeatedly watching a movie, but an album I can listen to over and over again in a variety of contexts: in the car, while walking, while writing, and so on.

Until very recently, the extra reason to rejoice in the release of a new Star Wars soundtrack was that it also meant new work by my favorite composer of film scores, John Williams. But as we’ve entered the brave new galaxy of modern Star Wars, new talent has been brought into the mix, and—if previous indications hold true—the upcoming Episode IX will be Williams’s last foray into the franchise.…

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